In 2014 Bunzl and IdeAtics were introduced to each other by someone from the Active and Intelligent packaging industry. At the time IdeAtics had been working on a concept regarding  interactive packages based on their Near Field Communications technology. Bunzl saw the initial designs, became enthusiastic and participated in a joint effort to optimize the concept whereby the knowledge of packaging and knowledge of NFC and software of the partners were combined resulting in SmartiX, our innovative smart packaging solution.

SmartiX, our Internet of Packaging concept is built on the IoT software platform of IdeAtics.

The IoT platform is developed in such a way that it can organically grow in functionality over time. New and existing features can be switched on and off, depending on customer requirements.

The tags are coded in a unique, patented, way. Based on the data in the tag the platform “knows” what the specific use case is, what application functionality and look and feel to present. It is safe and reliable. Users are authenticated automatically before content is presented on the smartphone.

At AIPIA 2017 SmartiX will be presented to the packaging industry and stakeholders interested in Active and Intelligent packaging.

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