Benefits consumer:

  • Digitally enhance the ‘’experience’’ receiving a parcel.

  • Easy activation and execution of the return process.

  • Quick, errorless payment option for After-pay shipment.

  • No hassle of pre-install the native/webapp needed.

  • Product information (view manuals, etc).

  • Fun to share your experience (post product review).

  • Launch customer-service webchat.

  • Life Track & trace delivery information.

Benefits e-retailer:

  • Deliver unique delivery experience to customer; enhancing loyalty.

  • More efficient fulfilment of product return order
    • 25%-45% of parcels being returned.

  • Faster payment period with integrated wallet
    • E.g. Netherlands 39% of eCommerce is “After Pay” based.

  • Deeper customer intimacy through personalized engagement
    • Auto install eRetailer App through NFC Smart-URL.
    • Additional cross- and upsell possibilities.

  • End2end shipment visibility incl. proof of delivery at the right person.

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